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Thanks for recommending the Unicoil product for my mobile radiator repair business. Unicoil has given me peace of mind knowing that i will always have the correct hose for the job,which is essential with a mobile service.Unicoil is a true godsend because it covers hundreds of part numbers in one convenient pack.I have highly recommended Unicoil to all of our A1 Mobile Radiator fleet operators as a must have product

Unicoil has proven to be the best addition I have ever made to the Twine shower system. Our distributors constantly remind us that the system is much easier to fit now that Unicoils are supplied with the system. No more searching endless catalogues looking for a hose!

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Unicoil product lines provide you with massive coverage allowing you to service the demand for thousands of different curved hoses across the market.Our range is small but provides you massive coverage,minimal inventory investment is required.

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