Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any brand of heater hose with Unicoil?

Most major hose brands are compatible with Unicoil.

Could the coil create electrical inductance problems that would affect the cars computer system?

No, Unicoils will not interfere with any electrical or computer system. Simply consider that there are probably over 1000 coils in every single car everywhere from the door handles to the return spring on the fuel throttle body, there are even coils and springs inside the fuel tank in the sender unit!

What about heat transfer from (coil to hose) if coil is near exhaust?

Unicoils will remain at the same temperature as the hose. Any excessive heat for example if a Unicoil approved hose was incorrectly fitted and a Unicoil was left touching even a very hot surface such as the exhaust manifold the heat would conduct and spread across the Unicoil and what little heat left that did not convect into atmosphere would be absorbed by the hose wall and into the cooling system. Unicoil approved heater hoses have a high temperature rating of +125 degrees Celsius, well above the average heater hoses on the market that normally have a rating of +100 degrees Celsius. Extensive field trials have shown no heat damage or irregular wear have ever been caused by a Unicoil. If anything a Unicoil aids in cooling due to the increased surface area provided by the coil allowing increased air convection cooling.

Will a Unicoil hose last as long as a genuine factory hose?

The Unicoil was researched and developed over 4 years and field tested for three years prior to sales to ensure we deliver you products that are tough and reliable. Vehicles field tested since late 1999 are still operating today with the original Unicoil approved hose that was fitted.

Unicoil is made from stainless steel so the Unicoil itself will last a lifetime. Unicoil heater hoses are of premium quality to ensure long life service and performance. We back all our products with alifetime warranty, that covers all materials and workmanship.

Will freezing temperatures affect Unicoil?

Once fitted freezing temperatures will not affect a Unicoil hose any differently that it would affect any other hose. If you are fitting a Unicoil hose that has frozen (E.G. a Unicoil hose that is left in a workshop over night or any other freezing environment) it is recommended that you “thaw” a frozen hose before trying to shape it.

Will Unicoil products cost me more than a genuine factory hose?

Unicoil products in most cases are far more economical than the factory hose alternative. However no alternative product can match us for convenience or versatility, Unicoil offers simple Universal hose products that allow immediate replacement for most vehicle models, so you will never be kept waiting or have to waste valuable time searching around for a hose.

Will Unicoils hold their bend over time?

Yes, a Unicoil will hold its bend forever, unless you decide to change it. Although once bent a Unicoil will hold its shape you can re-straighten and re-bend a Unicoil as many times as you require.

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