About us

Unicoil’s unique patented design allows either the professional or novice repairer to bend ordinary straight hoses into any shape, to use, you just simply slide a Unicoil down a length of straight hose to wherever you need a bend and with hand pressure simply just bend the Unicoil, this simple technology creates an easy to use, cost saving, universal molded hose system.

The Unicoil is made completely from stainless steel, which ensures its reliability even under the harshest conditions and guarantees a lifetime of service. The Unicoil product is available in a range of sizes from one-fourth of an inch to one inch internal diameter and can work with most standard straight hoses, including water, air, fuel, emissions and oil hoses.

A multi award winning product, Unicoil received an Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence and Innovation by Popular Mechanics magazine at the AAPEX show Las Vegas and also selected as best new product by the popular and well respected Professional Motor Mechanics Magazine in Europe.