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Maximize your hose sales & profits with Unicoil

The Unicoil range is not just “another” hose line, but the ultimate hose range providing competitively priced products designed to maximize your hose sales and profits.Unicoil product lines provide you with massive coverage allowing you to service the demand for the thousands of different curved hoses across the market.Our range is small but provides you massive coverage, minimal inventory investment is required.Your customer service improves, with Unicoil you will always have the right hose in stock, preventing lost sales to competitors.You can reduce slow moving inventory, increasing your valuable floor space, while reducing your inventory management costs.

Saves your sales staff time, matching a required hose application with Unicoil is fast and easy, improving your staff productivity.Life time warranty so you can rely on Unicoil with confidence, a quality, universal product range maximizing your hose sales and profits.

We can provide product in bulk with no packaging or we can also provide private brand label packaging with your companies logo,minimum order quantities apply,contact us for details.

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