Tackle box


A must have for every worshop!

Workshop assortment

  • Takes seconds to shape using hand pressure only.

  • Strengthens , protects & provides kink free bends
  • Make immediate repairs for any make or model
  • Suitable for water,fuel,air and oil hoses
  • Stainless Steel SS304 - Limited Lifetime warranty
Item1 Qty Description
UTB001 1 Unicoil assortment
UC14091 2 6.3mm (1/4") Unicoil
UC51691 3 7.9mm (5/16") Unicoil
UC38091 3 9.5mm (3/8") Unicoil
UC 12091 3 12.7mm (1/2") Unicoil
UC58091 4 16mm (5/8") Unicoil
UC34091 3 19mm (3/4") Unicoil
UC10091 1 25.4mm (1") Unicoil

Single Unicoils

hose compatibility specification

Part No Primary Hose Applications* Unicoil I.D. HOSE Min O.D. HOSE Max O.D.
UC14091 6.3mm (1/4") I.D. Fuel hose,Heater hose 13mm 11mm 13mm
UC51691 7.9mm (5/16") I.D. Fuel Heater & trans oil hoses 16mm 14mm 16mm
UC38091 9.5mm (3/8") I.D. Heater hose,trans oil hose 18mm 16mm 18mm
UC12091 13mm (1/2") I.D. Heater hose 21mm 19mm 21mm
UC58091 16mm (5/8") I.D. Heater hose 24mm 22mm 24mm
UC34091 19mm (3/4") I.D. Heater hose 28mm 26mm 28mm
UC10091 25.4mm (1") I.D. Heater hose 36mm 34mm 36mm
Hose matching guide:A snug fit with approximately 0.5-1mm clearance will provide best results

*Primary hose applications are intended as a basic guide only. Unicoil products are compatible with oil,air,water and fuel hoses.Additional applications are possible,refer to hose Min and Max O.D.'s to match Unicoil with other hoses not listed here.


Slide the Unicoil to where the bend is required.Position the spine on the inside of the intended bend.

Press and bend the spine untill the required bend angle is achieved.

Maximum bend angle is 90 Degrees.

For best results create a gradual bend in the spine and avoid making sharp bend.

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